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The main activity of PROJINAL Consultancy Company is focused on arranging the best possible fit between the Host Families and the Au Pairs/ Nannies.

The scope of the consultancy services we provide to the families and the au pairs/ nannies is mentioned below:

1st STEP:

  • To know the Host Family, to understand their Au Pair / Nanny / Senior Care requirement, preferences, needs and likewise checking the appropriateness of the family as a Host Family.
  •  To determine the Job Definition: the family`s priorities and principles including childcare, language education, light housework, senior necessities, etc. and putting them into written form after interviewing with the host family.
  • To check appropriate Au Pair / Nanny / Senior Care Candidates including their personal, educational and professional information.

!!! After the first stage if the family decides to get our consultancy service, the family reads through the Consultancy Services Contractand pays the consultancy service fee by direct bank transfer.
2nd STEP:

  • Tohave a detailed candidate research for the Au Pair / Nanny/ Senior Care candidates in our own company database and in the international Au Pair/ Nanny / Senior Care agencies and helping the host family with the preliminary selection / elimination down-sizing the list.
  • To contact the selected Au Pair candidates directly in verbal and written communication, and to receive the interested Au Pair / Nanny/ Senior Care candidates detailed and update information and to obtain the necessary documents like passport copies, health report, diplomas, certificates, criminal record report (subject to extra fee), reference letters etc. and to present these to the family in a folder.
  • To pass the Job Definition and the family information to the Au Pair candidates who are selected by the family and then to get consent and confirmation of the Au Pair / Nanny / Senior Care for the host family`s job definition.
  •  Toobtain references from previous childcare or work experiences of the Au Pair / Nanny/ Senior Care, to check through the references, to evaluate the feedbacks received from the reference employers and to present these to the host family.
  •  After the family`s evaluation of all the information submitted about the selected candidates, to offer the job to the most favored candidate.
  •  To provide consultancy for a travel plan to the Au Pair who accepts the job and to get the flight details (date and time of flight, airline, flight number), passport copy and the visa if she needs to obtain it before ariving to Turkey, and her mobile phone number (if she has) onto the host family.
  • To prepare the written Job Contract(to be prepared by our expert lawyer consultant upon request) which clearly specifies the work schedule, off days/ hours, the pocket money, and the rules of conduct to be signed between the Au Pair and the Host Family, to pass the contract onto both parties and get their consent before the arrival of the Au Pair to eliminate misunderstandings or misconceptions. After the Au Pair arrives, the host family and the Au Pair mutually sign the contract and both keep a copy. If they prefer they can get the contract approved by the notary public.  OPER Educational Consultancy Services does NOT take part in the process of signing the contract between the Au Pair and the family.


3rd STEP:

After the Au Pair/ Nanny comes to Turkey, to provide orientation training and organize “feedback meetings” (face to face or by phone) to check with the family about their satisfaction with their Au Pair / Nanny Senior Care.

(Note: Orientation trainings are given in ANKARA)

(Note: Families pay the first plane tickets, visa expenditures, and pocket money to their Au Pairs) 


As the Au Pairs or Nannies are NOT our own employees and they most of the time come from their home countries for specific work opportunities in Turkey, the following subjects are out of our consultancy services.

The Au Pair`s accommodation and boarding costs if she arrives earlier than the previously announced and agreed with the family (these costs belong to the Au pair herself) or the costs of accommodation and boarding if the Au Pair leaves her job before the

previously agreed contract end date.

Au Pair`s travel and visa costs belongs to the family, if she performs fulfilling work the family can offer to contribute to her return costs. This is not obligatory and is subject to the duration of stay and the family`s appreciation.

If the host family requires to get a health report from a local clinic in Turkey these costs belong to the family.

The Au Pair is supposed to buy her own Travel, HealthØ& Accidents Insurance package from the country she`s coming from.

If the family and the Au Pair prefer to get their Work Contract approved by the Notary Public as a legal document, these costs belong to the family.


If the Au Pair is going to stay for more than a year, the follow up of the Work Permit for the foreigners is NOT within our services. If the Au Pair is going to stay for longer than 6 months, the Au Pair is supposed to apply for the Residence Permit at the City Department of Security Foreigners Office (Il Emniyet Mudurlugu Yabancilar Subesi) The application, payment of the chanrges (the family should pay for it) and the follow up of this process must be done by the Au Pair personally, and is out of the scope of our services.

People who re interested to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. All you need to do is to send your CV with photo to our e-mail address:

We will contact with you for the best option according to your qualifications.

LIVING IN TURKEY Population & People

Population: 76,805,524 (July 2009 est.)


Age Structure:

0-14 years: 27.2% (male 10,701,631/female 10,223,260)

15-64 years: 66.7% (male 25,896,326/female 25,327,403)

65 years and over: 6.1% (male 2,130,360/female 2,526,544) (2009 est.)

Religions: Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews)


Although Turkey is situated in a geographical location where climatic conditions are quite temperate, the diverse nature of the landscape, and the existence in particular of the mountains that run parallel to the coasts, result in significant differences in climatic conditions from one region to the other. While the coastal regions enjoy milder climates, the inland Anatolia plateau experiences hot summers and cold winters with limited rainfall.

Because of Turkey’s geographical conditions, one can not speak about a general overall climate.

In Istanbul and around the sea of Marmara (Marmara region) the climate is moderate (winter 4 deg.C and summer 27 deg.C); in winter the temperature can drop below zero.

In Western Anatolia (Aegean region) there is a mild Mediterranean climate with average temperatures of 9 deg.C in winter and 29 deg.C in summer. On the southern coast of Anatolia (Mediterranean region) the same climate can be observed wıth longer summer season and higher summer peak temperatures which may rise up to 36oC, but will not drop below 10oC in the winter.

The climate of the Anatolian Plateau (Central Anatolian region) is a steppe climate (there is a great temperature difference between day and night). Rainfall is low and there is more snow. The average temperature is 23 deg.C in summer and -2 deg.C in winter.

The climate in the Black Sea area (Black Sea region) is wet, warm and humid (summer 23 deg.C, winter 7 deg.C).

In Eastern Anatolia and South-Eastern Anatolia there is a long hard winter, where year after year snow lies on the ground from November until the end of April (the average temperature in winter is -13 deg.C and in summer 17 deg.C).

Communication with Home

When you come to Turkey you’ll notice that you need a mobile phone to be able to reach your family and friends, to reach the host

family when you`re out and about with the kids or to be reached by them when they need to contact you and also you can easily text your friends in Turkey or talk with them when you plan to meet up.

Note that you can not use a Turkish SIM card with the phone that you bring from home. This is against illegal trade of phones to Turkey without paying the import taxes. However when you arrive at the airport in Turkey you can declare your phone at the custom office, fill out some forms, show your passport and pay a certain amount of tax to be able to use your own phone in Turkey.


Traveling in Turkey

It`s fairly cheap to travel within Turkey by bus or by plane. Because of the number of flights and the number of destinations have increased in the recent years, it`s possible to find good deals on airfares just a little bit more expensive than the bus trips.

The advantage of traveling by bus is that many bus companies have shuttles that pick you up from the main bus terminal of each city and drop you off at the city center or at many touristic spots out of the city.  Bus companies also have free pick up shuttles that pick you up from various spots in the city to the bus terminal or to the main pick up points of the bus. Therefore it may be cheaper and easy to reach the destination when you don`t want to pay for the extra travel expenses. Likewise many small hostels also offer free pick up service from the bus terminal.

It`s also possible to buy your inter-city bus ticket online by credit card.


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